How to Choose the Right Pool Technician for Your Home or Business

If you hire a company to clean your pool regularly, they will probably be at your home for the long haul. You want to be sure you are comfortable with them being there, especially if something goes wrong.

Ask about their customer service policy and whether they return calls promptly. Also, visit their office and showroom.


A pool technician’s primary qualifications are their knowledge of swimming pools and their equipment. However, it is also crucial that they are customer service oriented and are well-versed in maintenance techniques and safety regulations. Pursuing a CPO certification is an excellent way to demonstrate these skills and stay up-to-date on industry trends.

The best pool technicians often start their careers by servicing the pools of friends and family members for free or at a low price to build their experience and reputation. 

It is essential to include your business’s typical working hours in your job description to help candidates determine if they are a good fit for the role. In addition, indicate if the position is full-time or part-time and whether it’s seasonal or year-round. You can also include whether you offer hourly or salaried pay for pool technicians in your job description.


Your family pool is more than a place for memories. It is an investment and requires regular professional maintenance to stay in good condition.

Ask prospective service providers for a list of customer references. Contact these customers to see how well they were served and whether their expectations were met. You should also ask if the company is licensed in your state to work on pools. Licensing requirements vary by state and include certification to clean and treat the water with chemicals.

Having experience with pool maintenance will allow your potential technician to understand the challenges of your specific swimming pool. In addition, it will help them determine if any repairs are needed and how long they will take to complete. A leak detection company with experienced technicians will likely charge less for services than those without experience. They will also know how to manage the use of chemicals, which is especially important if your pool contains toxic or harmful chemicals.


Reputation is vital to any company in the service industry. A good pool service technician can find work if they have an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and quality. Ask for references and to see pools they’ve cleaned or built before hiring them. Please find out how long they’ve been in business and check online reviews of their services.

Ensure that the company is licensed, insured, and bonded. They should also have a website that displays their rates and contact information. The website should include a link to request a quote. Lastly, find out what kind of equipment and supplies the company uses.

Reputable companies have employee retention plans that encourage loyalty. The revolving door of new technicians costs time and money, so it’s essential to keep the best employees happy. It could mean providing bonuses or raises for consecutive years worked or offering other employees incentives to stay. It’s also crucial to maintain a schedule that is efficient and allows technicians to service more clients per week.

Customer Service

Your pool is an investment, and you want to entrust its care to someone who will treat it as such. A background check and insurance are necessary, but customer service is just as important.

A quality pool technician is attentive to client concerns and is quick to provide solutions. Communication skills are essential as well; they should be able to explain technical issues in a way that is understandable for clients with little or no experience with pool equipment and chemistry.

For example, suppose a client has a newer pool with an energy-efficient system. In that case, the pool technician should have knowledge of this technology, which helps reduce electricity costs and improves the environmental impact of the collection. It also shows that the technician is a proponent of sustainability. Customers appreciate this kind of thoughtfulness.