The Impact of Professional Commercial Landscape Services on St. Louis Businesses

Commercial landscaping services go beyond simply mowing and planting plants. It’s about the overall maintenance of green spaces that contribute to a positive impression on visitors and customers alike.

Pitch decks, or sales presentations, are an essential sales tool that can help SDRs effectively prepare for their B2B appointments. These presentations highlight your business’s landscape expertise in a way that allows prospects to visualize their commercial property benefits.

Increased Productivity

Commercial landscape services St Louis Mo can be a huge help in boosting productivity. It has been shown that a business with well-maintained landscaping is more likely to have happier and more productive employees, which means a higher profit for the company.

In addition to making sure your staff is happy, your property’s green spaces can provide areas for employees to rest and relax during the day, which will improve their focus and work performance. Studies have shown that outside time can boost self-reported wellness, improve stress symptoms, and increase creativity.

Many clients and customers appreciate a business that is concerned about the environment and takes steps to protect it. Commercial landscaping with native species that are low maintenance helps reduce water runoff and creates a more eco-friendly image for businesses and institutions. Adopting an eco-friendly approach not only helps the environment but also adds value to a business. It presents an opportunity for companies to contribute to sustainable development while also increasing their resale value in case of future relocation or sale.

Increased Curb Appeal

Professionally landscaped business properties look attractive and inviting. They make people do double-takes and create a sense of intrigue. That positive first impression can lead to more customers and increased revenue.

Business owners can also use the beauty of professionally maintained landscaping to their advantage to attract tenants or clients. Studies show that consumers are willing to pay a 12% premium for products and services purchased at businesses they perceive as well-maintained.

Investing in commercial outdoor living solutions like irrigation systems can save money over time. They minimize water runoff and soil erosion, reduce ozone-harming gas emissions from lawn care equipment, and optimize moisture delivery to plants and lawns so they stay lush throughout the summer. It is crucial in states that experience long, hot summers. It could save a business thousands of dollars in water bills over time.

Increased Resale Value

Studies have shown that well-maintained commercial landscaping increases a property’s value, making it more attractive to potential buyers. This increase in resale value benefits business owners who plan to relocate or sell their current location.

A beautifully maintained landscape will also help a company or business project a professional image to clients and customers. For example, a strategically planted privacy screen can create an environment that is private and quiet for meetings with clients or customers.

A professional commercial landscaping service eliminates the need for a company to invest in expensive equipment such as mowers, weed whackers, treatment-application equipment, and tree trimmers. It can also save a company on utility costs and eliminate the need for employees to spend time using these tools. It frees up the employee’s schedule for more productive tasks. It also provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that boosts a company’s reputation and encourages customers to return. It is significant for businesses that depend on repeat sales and referrals.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Businesses that invest in well-designed, professionally maintained landscapes typically see increased employee satisfaction. Employees who work in beautiful surroundings report lower stress levels and greater job satisfaction. Studies also show that people spend more money at businesses with attractive landscaping.

Commercial landscaping services can include the planting of trees and plants, installing water features and other landscape enhancements, and providing ongoing maintenance tasks such as mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and edging to maintain the beauty and health of the property.

Professional landscaping can also save business owners money by reducing energy costs. For example, shade trees can keep buildings comparatively more relaxed in the summer and serve as a windblock to reduce heating bills in winter. Also, sprinkler systems can help reduce energy costs by scheduling watering according to weather and soil conditions. It allows for more precise and consistent watering, which optimizes plant growth and minimizes diseases. Also, native area plants, such as swamp milkweed and wild columbine, are environmentally friendly and cost-effective, as they thrive in the local climate without excessive water and care.