Home Building in Florida: What to Expect (and What You’ll Pay)

Last year, Florida was the number one state that people moved to. With its sunny weather and ocean views, it’s no wonder Florida is such a hot spot. 

Most people will move into one of the many modern homes or condos available in this state. If you are hoping to land your dream home, planning to build is the route you’ll want to go. 

If you plan on building in Florida, you may wonder what the process entails. We go over what to expect when building from the cost to the construction. 

How Much Does Building in Florida Cost?

The cost of building a new home can vary quite a bit based on many different factors. Building in Florida falls about in the middle compared to other states.

Keep in mind that the need for storm resistance features will cost more than other states. Other factors impact how much you’ll spend on your new build. 

Labor Shortages 

It’s hard to find labor anywhere in the United States right now. Florida is not immune to this shortage, which can slow down the building process. 

Lumber Cost 

Although lumber prices are not as high as during the pandemic, they are still not cheap. Expensive lumber and materials can drive the overall cost of your new home up. 


During the pandemic, many builders had to pause their projects. With the country starting back up again, more people are trying to get these projects done. This can make finding a builder a little more of a challenge. 

The Home Building Process 

Building a new construction home can vary depending on what you’re looking for. You may start from scratch or look at pre construction real estate for your build. 

Choose a Location 

After being pre-qualified, you’ll need to find a spot to build. Make sure to spend your time on this step as you’ll be in this location for a long time. 

Find a Builder

Next, you’ll need to find a builder. Pick one that fits the look you want for your custom home building project. 

Planning Your Project 

Now comes the fun part! There are many new home designs to choose from when planning your construction. Many builders come with plans that you can pick from. 

Site Preparation 

A property developer can help prepare the land for your build. The gas pipes, power, and sewer lines will get plotted out during this step. 

Completing the Build 

After the preparation is complete, it will be time for the builder to pour the foundation. Next, the builders will frame the walls and add ductwork. 

Insulation comes next, and then the interior finishes get put in. Last to get finished is the exterior of the house

Get the Home You’ve Always Wanted When You Build in Florida 

Building in Florida is an exciting process to undertake. You’ll have complete control of the experience so you can end up with the house you’ve been dreaming about. 

Once you have your new home, you’ll want to decorate it! Head over to our interior design articles for inspiration today!