Lawn Care 101: How to Keep Your Grass Green

Lawn care is a challenge many homeowners deal with, especially when maintaining a healthy lawn. In fact, more than 10,000 grass species make meeting individual needs difficult. 

Keeping your grass green can be a struggle without the proper knowledge. 

Some lawn care tips will help your grass become lush and vibrant throughout the growing season. 

Keep reading to learn how to keep your grass green this season! 

Water Correctly

Your watering habits can have a massive impact on the health of your lawn. Consistency can make a difference when learning how often to water your lawn. Regular watering will prevent grass from drying out. 

Soaking your grass during dry and hot spells will reach the roots and make the grass stronger. Try soaking the grass up to four times a week to imitate rainfall. 

Watering in the mornings is another good habit to maintain. The cooler temperatures will help to prevent water evaporation, allowing your grass to absorb it. For more watering tips, visit

Let it Grow

Most homeowners want shorter lawns to obtain a neater appearance. However, this may not be good practice for your grass health. This could scorch your lawn without giving it a chance to recover. 

Instead of cutting it short, let it grow longer so that it has a chance to establish longer roots beneath the ground. Longer roots will be better for water absorption. Therefore, always mow at the highest setting so your grass can grow longer. 


Your grass needs food to be healthy, meaning you must fertilize it. Unfortunately, many don’t know how to fertilize a lawn and often underfeed it. Fertilizing regularly will help maintain your grass and allow it to grow. 

A slow-release fertilizer will be nutrient-rich to protect your lawn from burning in the hotter months. Try to apply fertilizer before or after rain to get the best results. 

Remove Weeds

One of the best lawn maintenance tips is to remove weeds as soon as they appear. Weeds are notorious for stealing nutrients and water away from grass. Your surrounding grass then suffers from these insufficiencies. 

Always remove weeds manually before resorting to weed killer. Adding chemicals to the lawn can be unpredictable to your grass health. 

Keep Off

Another tip on how to get green grass is keeping off the lawn. Lawns with heavy traffic suffer from wear and tear, and their structures become weak. Damaged grass can have difficulty recovering until all traffic is diverted from the area. 

Additionally, lots of traffic can damage the ground under the grass. Roots often break or die, taking away your grass’ absorption capabilities. 

Learn How to Keep Your Grass Green

Learning how to keep your grass green can be simple with these helpful tips. 

Hopefully, your lawn becomes lush quickly, and you’ll enjoy its vibrancy in no time! 

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