7 Stunning Exterior Architecture Designs for Your Home

Do you love home design? If you dream of having an eye-catching, stunning home, the interior and exterior design of your home may be a top priority for you.

With unique exterior architecture, you can have the home of your dreams. With so many interesting, head-turning designs out there, it can be overwhelming to choose your style.

These top trends and inspiration for your next home remodel can help. To level up your home’s curb appeal, read on. 

1. Painted Brick 

For a simple yet stunning exterior house renovation, painted brick is a top option. Not only are brick accents and walls beautiful, but they’re versatile as well. While painted brick is permanent, the color can change as often as you’d like. 

For a chic and sleek look, we recommend painting bricks in a darker, cool-toned color. This Dark Gull Gray color can make your home look interesting, welcoming, and modern.

For another painted brick color suggestion, consider deep navy blue or off-white. These colors can offer a classic, clean look to the exterior of your home.

If your home doesn’t already have brick, have no fear. Consider adding brick trim around windows and doors or building a brick accent wall. This creates a unique touch to your home exterior and allows for more creative freedom. 

2. Stone-Faced Exterior

If brick isn’t your top choice, you may enjoy a stone-faced exterior. This style of exterior design allows for a classic, clean feel.

With a stone-faced exterior design, your home will look unique and stand out among your neighborhood. Stone-covered walls or accents create depth, texture, and variation. 

One simple way to incorporate stone into your exterior house renovation is to add small stone details. Adding stone around windows, door frames, and porches create an interesting design without a full re-build. You may also enjoy mixing and matching different stone colors, finishes, and patterns. 

Stone-faced exteriors can win the hearts of those who love classic design as well as modern design. The eye-catching colors, finishes, and textures of stone are sure to make your home stand out.

3. Covered Patio Additions

If you’re interested in backyard renovations, consider adding a covered patio to your space. This can allow for ample room for entertainment and add value to your home. 

While covered patios offer protection from the weather, they don’t have to look dark and dull. To create a beautiful environment in your backyard, you may enjoy a glass patio addition.

With aluminum angle stock and a glass roof, you’ll have a well-lit, covered patio perfect for tanning by the pool. If you love plants, an aluminum and glass patio may also serve as a greenhouse.

For another covered patio addition, consider adding an arch-style roof. This allows for protection from the weather while also allowing more light to pass through. If you’re worried about feeling enclosed, this is a great option for covered, yet breathable patios. 

4. Wrap-Around Porches

Reminiscent of colonial exterior design, wrap-around porches offer a timeless feel to your home. If you love to sit outside, decorate for the seasons, and grow various plants, wrap-around porches may also be a top option for you. 

One of the best aspects of wrap-around porches is their wide-range of styles. Whether you enjoy colonial or modern exterior design, a wrap-around porch can be a beautiful addition. 

For a colonial, cottage-style home, bright walls, trim, and floors offer a clean feel. You may enjoy wooden floors, bright-colored furniture, and overhead lighting. 

For a farmhouse-style home, brick and wood finishes may pair well together. For your porch lighting, you may enjoy hanging lanterns or mounted lights. 

No matter the style, many adore wrap-around porches for their relaxing, welcoming feel.

5. Bungalow Porches

Like wrap-around porches, bungalow porches offer a calming, beautiful area to sit. With bungalow porches, large overhangs and steps create a stylistic feel without wrapping around the house.

For a popular bungalow porch style, consider adding pillars to support your porch overhang. These pillars allow for many different colors and finishes for added curb appeal. As one common pillar style, stone finishes allow for a rustic, vintage feel.

If you’re apprehensive about building your own pillars, have no fear. The best part of adding pillars to your bungalow porches are their simple construction. 

If you’d like a welcoming, relaxing area to sit but don’t want a wrap-around porch, a bungalow porch may be a top choice. 

6. Spanish Style

For a unique, vacation-like look, Spanish style homes are elegant, romantic, and one of a kind. If you’re looking for a Mediterranean feel, the Spanish style offers a dramatic and charming vibe. 

For Spanish architecture homes, burnt-orange and creme colors are often a must. With clay tile roofing, you’ll get the Mediterranean style you desire. With creme or bright white walls, the exterior of your home can look like a vacation villa. 

With Spanish style exteriors, we recommend adding lush and colorful plants to add to the romantic ambiance. Mediterranean gardens often have terra cotta planters, statues, and vivid colors. 

For exterior lighting with Spanish style homes, consider mounting lamps to the walls. This can create warm light for a relaxed feel.

With Spanish style homes, you’ll always feel like you’re coming home to a resort. What’s better than that?

7. Minimalistic Touches

If you’re a minimalist or love modern architecture, you may enjoy minimalistic exterior design. With sleek angles, simple finishes, and open space, minimalistic touches offer a mid-century modern feel. 

Consider incorporating full-length glass walls or plain finishes to your home exterior. This can allow for a quick yet effective renovation. With minimalism, less is more. 

When designing your minimalistic home exterior, be sure to incorporate harsh angles and flat surfaces. With windows and stairs, consider adding points or sharp edges. Rather than clay or shingle roofs, metal roofs can offer a sleek, clean look.  

Experiment With Exterior Architecture Today

With such a wide range of stunning exterior architecture, there are many ways to bring your dreams to life. If you’ve been thinking about a home remodel, start planning your renovation today. 

Did you enjoy learning about the top exterior architecture trends? Be sure to check out our other blog posts for all your home design inspiration.