Home Makeover: Give the Exterior of Your House the Makeover It Deserves

Whether you want to increase the saleability of your house or simply to make it look better in comparison with the houses of your neighbors, sprucing up the exterior of your building can be a satisfying project. It often only requires a small outlay and a bit of imagination to completely transform the appearance of your property. No matter your budget, read on to discover some useful tips to make your house the envy of the whole street.

1. Change Exterior Finish of Your Building

Buildings built during the 1970s and 1980s are often covered with unsightly pebbledash or stone cladding. Other houses might suffer from bad brickwork and missing mortar. These exteriors can either be removed or covered by other materials to give your building a completely new look. For a relatively low cost, you can paint your house with a neutral color to bring together all its design feature. Alternately, you can clad your building with PVCu, laminate or timber boarding for an extra cost.

2. Install Some Attractive Lighting

For homeowners on a budget, one of the most economical ways of giving your property a new lease of life is to install some classy-looking lighting. There is a wealth of fantastic lighting fixtures and bulbs on the market today. Choose a softer, low-wattage bulb to add that extra-special “there’s no place like home” feel to the exterior of your house

3. Landscape Your Garden

It may seem obvious, but an unkempt and untidy garden can really detract from the look of your house. Start by getting your gardening gloves on and doing some weeding. Add some water features and raised flowerbeds to make your garden the perfect space in which to spend around a barbeque with the family and friends on a long summer’s evening.

Have any sickly or dying trees removed to protect nearby plants and trees from disease? Just ask the Tree Removal Lafayette LA experts who say tree care and maintenance is one of the most important ways to upkeep a home garden and property.

4. Invest in New Windows

Nothing brings down the overall look of a building more than old or dilapidated windows. Installing new double-glazed windows with attractive shutters and gables will drastically transform the outward appearance of your building. Windows are available in a wide variety of materials, including fiberglass, wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum. Shutters also serve the extra function of protecting the window glass, meaning that your windows will retain their sleekness for years, or perhaps decades, to come.

5. Build a Porch

One of the simplest and most cost-effective means of dressing up the front of your house is to add a fashionable porch. The front entry door is the thing that will catch most people’s attention on first visiting your home, so a porch which incorporates decorative transoms and side lights that illuminate the space is a way of getting maximum bang for your buck.

If you feel like your house deserves a shiny new makeover, this article has hopefully provided some actionable ideas that will not break the bank. All that remains now is to make a start – it will surprise you what can be done with just a little bit of time and effort!