Interior Design: Fantastic Ideas That Will Bring Your Home to Life

The world of interior design can seem daunting to the untrained homeowner. Many so-called experts will tell you that the principles that they purvey are gospel and that there is no other way. Nonetheless, like any other art form, what is considered tasteful and artistic in interior design is largely based on opinions. Read on for a list of innovative ideas that you might want to experiment with when it comes to decorating the interior of your house.

1. Fit Minimalist Shelving

One of the easiest ways of adding style and functionality to your house is by exploring the possibility of installing stylish minimalist shelving. It is easy to save money by creating your own. All you will need is some hessian rope and an interesting shaped board, painted in your chosen color and with holes drilled through which to tie the rope. Hang the platform on a pair of simple metal hooks to give any room extra storage and a personalized feel.

2. Fill the House with Low-Maintenance Plants

The calming effect of bringing the natural world into the house is well-known. Available at all good garden centers today are a wide selection of plants suitable for indoors that require a minimum of maintenance. Ranging from cacti to spider plants, the options are seemingly endless and can add the natural touch that makes all the difference to the feel of a bathroom or living room.

3. Search Out the Best Local Art

Nothing adds a sense of connection to the local community and culture than carefully selecting and purchasing some stylish, locally-sourced artwork. Artwork often gives a room character and is the first thing that visitors will comment on when they come to your house, so it is worth giving your choice of artist and style so thought depending on what effect you want the piece to achieve within your overall design scheme.

4. Dream Up Inspiring DIY Light Fixtures

Innovative lighting can really give a room an unusual and striking atmosphere. There are so many unique things that can be done to create different moods with just a little imagination. Think about hanging bulbs inside vintage jars and bottles or crisscrossing the room with bulbs hanging from cables in a similar fashion to festival lighting.

5. Include Wicker into Your Design Plans

The texture and versatility of wicker make the material the perfect finishing touch for any room. Think about buying washing baskets, coffee tables and ornamental artwork to give your house an earthy, rustic feel.

You do not have to be an interior designer to come up with some inspiring interior designs. The five ideas mentioned above provide a cost-effective if you are looking to give your home a new lease of life. Do not be afraid to stay true to what you like and express your personality throughout the process of choosing colors and styles. What are you waiting for? Your new home is just around the corner.