4 Useful Tips to Make Your Dining Room Look and Feel More Classy

Many of our most treasured family memories made around the dining table. From your uncle’s tall tales over Christmas dinner to your child’s first birthday party, the dining room provides the scene for some of the most memorable moments of our lives. If you hold designs on becoming a regular host of dinners on special occasions, it is vital that your dining room looks the part. Read on for some simple ideas on touches that will give your dining room that little something extra that will make your home the go-to location for family get-togethers.

1. Choose a Luxurious Centerpiece

Whether a tasteful floral arrangement or a set of colourful scented candles surrounded by fruit, the centrepiece is the focal point of any spread. It is worth splashing out on something extra if you are looking to make an impression, although it is important to bear in mind that the centrepiece should be of a low profile so as not to obstruct cross-table conversation.

2. Take Up That Carpet

Nothing looks more stylish than a dining room with bare floorboards topped with a luxurious rug to add texture and soften up the hard edges in the room. Tearing up your old carpet to expose the wood beneath can sometimes require a fair amount of work, especially if the board need sanding and finishing, but the farmhouse look that will be left after the job is done will be satisfying.

3. Invest in an Eye-Catching Central Lighting Feature

An important feature of any dining room should be an attractive and eye-catching lighting fixture. Invest in a sparking chandelier or an overhead fixture with multiple bulbs and shades. It is a good idea to match the shape of your lighting fixture to the shape of your table, whether it be circular or rectangular. A suitable fixture will shed an attractive light on plates of food and the faces of your guests, adding atmosphere to any meal. Hook it up to a dimmer switch to reduce the brightness of the room as the evening moves along.

4. Mix Styles

While it will always be necessary to match colors in any room, some of the most interesting dining room interior designs can be achieved by using a liberal hand when it comes to choosing furniture and fittings. A personalized look can be achieved by playing around with furniture and décor from different periods of the past and styles from around the world. The dining room is one of the places in the house where artistic licence is most acceptable when it comes to interior design.

If you love inviting friends and family round for dinner, an attractive and tasteful dining room is essential. Following the design advice above can help give you the confidence to put your hat in the ring when it comes to hosting the next big family meet. All you need to do now is think of a menu that will suit the tastes of all your guests.