Reasons To Add Outdoor Lights To Your Home

Does your home’s exterior need a facelift? Whether you’re trying to sell a property or simply want to update the curb appeal, outdoor lights can make a substantial difference. Although it’s easy to chalk outdoor lights up to another expensive home improvement project that only adds to your laundry list of responsibilities and financial obligations. They’re an essential element that can benefit you in more ways than one. 

Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting

You’d be surprised to learn how something as simple as a few light fixtures can add value, comfort, and convenience to your living space. Check out the many advantages below. 

  • Improves Safety – When the sun sets, darkness takes over, making it difficult to see and easy to slip and fall. Adding well-placed lights outside your residence illuminates dark areas and minimizes your chances of getting hurt.
  • Enhances Security – Poorly lit properties are also more vulnerable to crimes like theft and home invasions. As no one wants a spotlight on them while committing a crime, outdoor security lights with motion-sensor capabilities cause suspicious characters to think twice before invading your residence. 
  • Adds Curb Appeal – Much like clothes, shoes, and accessories help enhance our outward appearance, lighting systems help accentuate the most attractive features of your property, which boosts curb appeal
  • Increases Property Value – Most people assume property values only matter when buying or selling a home. However, your home’s value can be instrumental in other financial endeavors, from refinancing to home equity loans. As an outdoor lighting system enhances your residence’s safety, security, and curb appeal, it automatically increases its value. 
  • Better Entertainment – If you enjoy hosting gatherings or spending time on your front porch or backyard, outdoor lights help to enhance the experience. Decorative lighting allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors long into the night hours without concern. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Now that you understand the benefits of installing outdoor lights, let’s look at some trendy ways to illuminate your home’s exterior. 

  • Holiday Lights – Although holiday lights add a majestic ambiance to a home’s exterior, installing them is quite a chore. You have to pull the lights from storage, check the bulbs, detangle the strings, then secure them to your property, only to take them down in a few weeks. Permanent holiday lights offer a practical solution. These lights come with a remote control that allows you to change the colors and special effects to keep your property dazzling all year. 
  • Pathway Lights – Walkways, driveways, and other paths are common design elements in landscaping. Installing pathway lights is ideal if you’d like to highlight your property’s best features. Pathway lights look charming when placed along a stone or brick path surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. 
  • Wall Scones – Modernize your outdoor living space by incorporating wall scones into the design. They emit light in intimate areas increasing visibility and extending your outdoor experience. Install them near your outdoor kitchen, seating, or dining area, for a comfortable vibe while entertaining your guests. 
  • Pool Lights – Anyone fortunate enough to own a pool knows that it’s the highlight of their backyard. Why not enhance this home addition by incorporating outdoor lighting? There’s nothing like lights illuminating the water to add a luxurious touch to your living space. You can install pole lights, lanterns, and interior pool lights to create a dramatic effect. 
  • Security Lights – While this lighting category isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the above options, security lights are ideal. They increase visibility and deter unwanted guests from trying to access your property. Floodlights with motion-detection capabilities can illuminate an entire yard, helping to keep the things you cherish most safe. Consider installing at least one or two security lights on the front and back of your property. 

The appearance of your home’s exterior should be a top priority. It reflects your personality and lifestyle and leaves a lasting impression within your community. If your home’s exterior needs an upgrade, outdoor lighting systems offer a practical solution. Use the above ideas to incorporate a little illumination into your exterior design for a safer, more attractive, and more valuable home.