3 Ways to Deter Trespassers on Your Property

Trespassers on your property can cause all kinds of trouble, from inflicting property damage to getting hurt and trying to blame you for it.

This is not what you need in your already busy life. Your property is yours for a reason. You paid money for it so you alone could enjoy it. The problem is that not everyone feels that way. Sometimes, it’s just ignorant people who think they can use your yard as their own.

Other times, it’s something more sinister, such as a thief attempting to gain access to your house by trespassing.

So, how do you deter trespassers from even trying anything? There are ways that have proven effective. Let’s review some of them.

Get a Home Security System

You know that home security systems are one great deterrent when it comes to trespassers. Say someone thinks they can waltz right up to your back door and figure out how to get inside. Once they see a combination of a security camera and motion light directly above the door, do you think they’re still trying that? It might not physically stop someone, but no one wants to be caught, so a security system is always a good idea.

Build Fences

Nothing deters someone from entering your property quite like a physical barrier, i.e., a fence. Fences do indeed make good neighbors by forcing everyone to stay on their side of the property line, and the same applies to would-be thieves.

It’s difficult to “hop” a six-foot vinyl privacy fence or even a four- or five-foot chain-link fence. We get these things because they let people know this is not a place for them to be and to stop them literally from entering.

Unlike a camera, a fence physically stops a thief from coming closer, so this is always a great idea.

“No Trespassing” Signs

Lastly, you should put up “no trespassing” signs around your property. But it’s just a sign, you might say. You are correct, but trespassing laws will often state that trespassers need to be warned before they can be held accountable for trespassing. What if they don’t know whose land this is?

You can help that by putting up signs. And it’s not always about letting people know. It also covers you in the end because, if a trespasser on your property is ever prosecuted, your sign can be used as proof that the person had prior warning and trespassed anyway. This is an inexpensive way to keep your home a little safer.

Keep all these tips in mind as you work to increase your own home security.