Reasons to Get New Grass And New Lawn Installation By Mr. Lawn

Nature goes through changes in our day to day life, when things reach their expiry date, it is usually time to get something new. Much is the same with your backyard.

Due to the many seasonal changes throughout the world, no matter where you are located, unfortunately, your lawn won’t stay the same throughout. It withers and dies and its often time to either repair it or replace it.

The more cost-effective option is often to replace it, however depending on what you choose this could go either way.

When the condition of your lawn gets bad, and weeds decide to sprout up, it can be a hassle to pick them out yourself in the hopes you’ve got them all or you can do one better and call a gardening service to replace it with some turf, which is all-weather proof and can last you a lot longer than natural grass.

Did you know, besides the reason for being able to have a space to spend time outdoors, such as a garden or a backyard, having a lawn of any type has numerous benefits from releasing co2 to increasing the value of your home? 

It also helps to later the temperature of surrounding areas and more however for some, this is not a luxury they can have, especially if you live in a country where the climate is not ideal for a healthy green area. 

Laying a new lawn is an effortless endeavor, especially when done by a professional service. So, how do you know when your lawn needs to be gotten rid of? Below are a few pointers to help guide you.

Lawn Care

Does your Lawn Need To be Replaced?

Consider a few of these factors below before you decide to fix things yourself:

  • If you can see the soil underneath and the grass has become thin and brittle
  • If there are more weeds than grass in your garden. You could use weed killer to remove a few here and there, but it often affects the new growth of the grass and can damage it in the process.
  • Is the soil quality bad that it affects the growth of the natural grass? 
  • If the lawn is prone to becoming waterlogged after rainy weather or after you have watered it.
  • Does the trampling of children and pets constantly wear your lawn out?
  • Is there more shade than sunlight in your backyard? This could require regular maintenance and re-seeding.
  • Was the soil correctly prepared before you planted the seeds? If your garden looks uneven this could be an indication that it wasn’t.

If any of the above ticks the boxes, then perhaps it’s time to take a different, more versatile route.

Lawn Care

The Solution – Laying a Turf

There are plenty of reasons why your grass won’t grow properly, from invasive plants such as weeds to bad weather and ineffective irrigation:

If you are missing out on having a place to enjoy outdoors or playing with your pets, the good news is there is another option that you can choose below – get yourself a new lawn installed. There are plenty of reasons why you should get yourself a new turf, some of which are mentioned below.

Unfavorable conditions of your current lawn. As per the above-mentioned ways to tell if your grass is not so green, if the conditions you live in are unfavorable, choosing the right greenery can make a world of difference and give you a reason to ignore the weather and get some fresh air. It helps for your health, fitness and peace of mind to be able to sit outside in the fresh air and enjoy some of the many great things that nature provides.

The resale value. Your property value, no doubt increases with any additional work you do on your house, and it’s the same with the enhancements you make on the outside. Buyers are more commonly attracted to homes that have a place to relax and enjoy, and this includes a garden or backyard. Installing a new lawn is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property for when it comes time to sell it or rent it out. 

Aesthetics. There is no doubt nature adds much aesthetic value to any property or location. Where there is greenery, you will find many people enjoying themselves. This is the main reason many pet owners and those who have children love to go to the park to play catch or take a walk. 

When you have your very own area in front or behind your home, it can add some enjoyment to the life of your kids and pets and they can play freely.

It is not costly. Having to mow your lawn, repair bald or burnt patches, or replace it, can, in the long run, cost you a lot of money. Not only this but you would also need to invest in equipment and feed to maintain it and help it stay alive. When you opt for new lawn installation there is no need for any of these hassles, and no matter what the weather it stays the same. Turf is usually priced as per square meter so you can choose how much you want and your specific budget for it. What more reasons do you need to invest in this option over something that won’t last the year? It makes more sense in the long run, to consider this than any other options on the market.