How Home Extensions Have Changed Over The Years

When we take a look back to the way we used to adapt our homes in comparison to the modern day techniques, it is clear how far we have come. The advanced skillsets of leading architects in London mean that the impossible becomes possible, taking our homes to the next level and increasing the value of properties in the long run. We delve into some of the key differences we have spotted from home extensions over the years.

Function over beauty

As much as having a stylish home in line with our preferences is a huge factor, functionality should never be overlooked. Nowadays, professionals take every possible aspect into consideration to maximise the potential of each unique property to provide unbeatable use of the space. By creating a new space which includes plenty of storage or a well-equipped room that the whole family can make use of, the home can begin to feel less cramped by creating new rooms that make all the difference

Utilise every little nook and cranny

From the cupboard under the stairs to the unused loft, converting every spare space into one that can be used from day to day helps to make the home feel larger than ever before. Nowadays, we have seen endless unique ideas which have transformed properties and made them stand out on the market. Whether it’s a small addition such as the family dog’s cosy ‘bedroom’ under the stairs or a basement gym, look into how your wasted space can be transformed so every room in the house can be enjoyed

Open up the home

Dating back to the early 2000’s, every room in the house had its function. In more recent years, homeowners have seen the potential of open plan designs which create a flow through the space and allow all of the family to interact whilst enjoying their own space. Instead of having a dining room which hardly ever gets used or an office room that is not necessary anymore, think of the possibilities that open plan living can provide.

Enjoy the benefits of fresh air

Bringing the indoors outside is great for mental and physical wellbeing, enjoying the outdoors all year round. There has been a huge rise in patios and garden conversions, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee as well as hosting your friends and family for an evening of catching up. Creating a smooth transition from home to garden with decking filled with cosy furniture and blankets makes it ideal for opening up the patio doors onto your outdoor haven.

Prepare for the future

After so much time and money turning your house into our home, you may find yourself reluctant to ever move elsewhere. Getting prepared for the future by considering what changes more elderly members of the home may need or thinking about how you can accommodate a growing family will mean you can adapt your design to last. Whether you need to install a bathroom downstairs, convert the loft into an additional bedroom or create an extension, think ahead.

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