DIY Bar Build for the Perfect Entertaining Area

It is the dream of almost every man to have his own little corner in the family home where he can hang out with his buddies. Of course, the ultimate feature in any man cave is a fully functioning bar and TV screens to watch the game. The bar should be somewhere where a guy can remove himself temporarily from the hustle and bustle of the wife and kids to recharge his batteries.

In this article, we will give some convincing reasons why you should consider making your next major DIY project one to install a bar in your own secluded section of your home.

1. Cost

If you have always dreamed about installing your own bar at your house, perhaps the best way to argue your case for the cost with your better half is the money that you will inevitably save compared with your usual night out on the town.

A night in with a few drinks at your home bar can be remarkably cheap, providing you have your friends chip in for drinks and snacks. Not only this, but the beer that you can have on tap need not be the water stuff that you pay a premium for down at your local watering hole. Instead, you can maintain a constantly rotating selection of the finest craft beers and ales that is certain to keep you coming back for more. Alternatively, you can splash out on a bottle of quality whisky like Templeton Rye if you really want to push the boat out.

2. Convenience

How many times have you made big plans with your buddies to hit the bars downtown when the bunch of you suddenly get hit with a wave of laziness and a desire to chill out at someone’s pad instead? Do not worry – it happens to everyone once in a while!

Apart from saving a ton of money on drinks, the convenience of having a bar in your house is the second-best thing about it. Instead of forcing yourself to brave the wind and the cold of winter, you can now hole up in your man cave and pretend that you went to the bar! And the best part – you do not have to have a designated driver – you can just have your buddies crash on the couch!

3. Personalization

We all have our favorite bar that we associate with good times, but even the best drinking establishments probably have elements that we would change if we were the landlord. The beauty of a DIY home bar is that we can personalize it in any way like. We can even choose all the fixings and the style of the bar before we stock it with the selection of drinks that perfectly match our tastes.

If you are into sport, there is nothing to stop you decking out the bar area with the paraphernalia of your favorite teams. Think signed portraits, framed jerseys and a bar front that is painted with your colors. Watching sports on a high-definition TV while drinking at the bar is a prospect that should make your pad the go-to place to watch the biggest games.

4. Special Occasions

Do you sometimes wish that you could take a quick trip down to the bar to escape the family when family get-togethers happen at Christmas and Thanksgiving? With a home bar, you will no longer harbor this yearning – you can simply step outside or down to your basement and pour yourself a nice cold pint of your brew of choice and kick back and let the mayhem continue around you.

DIY bars are also excellent for hosting mini parties for birthdays, New Year’s and any other special occasion on which a drink is in order. Make sure that your fridge is never without a prime bottle of champagne that you are willing to crack open when the moment takes you.

When you take the four points detailed above into consideration, it is hard to make an argument for not installing a DIY bar at your house or apartment. You do not even need a great deal of DIY experience to set one up – take a look online for some excellent step-by-step guides.