Five DIY Projects for When You Are Stuck Inside

Being trapped indoors has been especially tough to take for those of us who live in colder climes and have spent the winter pining for the summer months only to find our freedom to enjoy the sun curtailed.

But never fear! If you are at a lost end with what to spend with your downtime at home, there are plenty of DIY projects that you can get your teeth into today. For many of the most fun things you can do, you do not even need to be an expert with your hands or have too much in the way of materials.

In this article, we will take you through the ultimate list of five DIY projects to keep you occupied while the world waits for this all to blow over! Read on to find out more!

1. Set Up a Jewelry Workshop in Your Home

Ever been taken by the desire to create your own jewelry? You may think that you lack the metalworking skills and the creativity to get started as an amateur jeweler, but you may find that it is not as hard as it looks. Making items that look and feel just like fine estate jewelry can be done if you dedicate a few hours a day to practicing.

Of course, you will need to invest in a set of jeweler’s tools and dedicate a space to act as a workshop. However, once you have done this, there are some fantastic online jewelry-making courses designed to equip you with all of the basic skills to start developing your style immediately.

2. Learn Horticulture

If you have always fancied yourself as having a way with plants, why not develop your green fingers by starting your own flower garden. The simple pleasure of watching a plant bloom after having nurtured it from seed to sapling is empowering and life-affirming.

All you need is a small space like a garden, patio or even a balcony that gets light throughout the day. Start by researching a little about the plants that you like and how to grow them. Once you have settled on a plant, you can order in the seeds and growing equipment without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

3. Make a Cocktail Bar

For many of us, the key to navigating the boredom and frustration of lockdown has been enjoying a few drinks every now and again. Now that the sun is out and the garden is seeing a lot more use, many of us are finding that being stuck at home with the family is not actually as bad as they might have thought.

If you like your cocktails, why not build a cocktail bar in your garden? The wonders of the internet mean that you can find some excellent cocktail recipes to delight the taste buds. Who knows? Once this whole episode is over, perhaps you will be able to impress your friends with your newfound skills!

4. Install a Hairdressing Salon

One of the vital services that most of us have had to go without in the last few months is the hairdresser. There has probably never been a time in recent history where standards in haircare have dropped so dramatically. But there may be a way to avoid the perpetual bad hair day.

Now that you are stuck at home, why not install your own hair salon-style chair complete with mirror and all the kit needed to cut hair? The local mobile barber will not know what has hit them when they come round to give you a trim!

5. Renovate Your Kitchen

Being trapped indoors has given most of us a unique opportunity to stay away from take-outs and practice cooking. If you are spending a lot more time in your kitchen than normal, why not give it a minor renovation? Order in some new worktops and sand the floorboard to give it that country farmhouse feel.

Due to events completely beyond our control, most of us have been spending a great deal more time stuck indoors in 2020 that we would normally. Nonetheless, if you are willing to learn a new skill, the DIY projects above may just keep you occupied.