Best Ways to Keep Deer Mice Out of Your Kitchen

You or other family members may often get sick despite exercising regularly and consuming nutritious food if there’s a deer mice infestation in your house. These creatures are notorious for carrying and transmitting various diseases. The fecal matter and urine of deer mice contain harmful viruses and bacteria. They mainly make their way into most residential properties for food, water, and harbor.

Make sure you inspect your entire residence periodically to detect the presence of deer mice, rats, and rodents. It is indispensable to reach out to the Wixom rodent control company sooner than later to exterminate these dangerous pests in your home effectively. Make sure you avail top standard rodent control services at least a few times every year.

Know that the kitchen is the only place that tempts mice the most because they get everything they require. Therefore, be extra cautious while doing the usual stuff in your kitchen. Look for typical signs of deer mice infestation in all other rooms in your house aside from the kitchen. 

Read the following to find out what you can do to rid your residential property of destructive mice.

Block Gaps and Holes

Conducting a thorough inspection may help you discover many holes and gaps that can facilitate mice to get into your home easily. Even these troublesome organisms can comfortably reside in small openings. So, what you should do is seal up these holes and gaps after identifying them. Ensure you block all gaps around the electrical to your kitchen appliances, beneath your sink, and behind kitchen cabinets.

Use Sticky Mice Traps

Buy and use glue traps to catch mice in your kitchen. It is one of the effective methods of capturing these pesky creatures that can wreak havoc in a home. You need to place these sticky traps in all those places you believe that mice could pay a visit in search of food. It is nearly impossible for a mouse to run away and hide once it’s caught in a glue trap.

Make a Hot Pepper Mixture

You might end up severely affecting your or other family members’ health if you use poison baits for eliminating rats and rodents in your home. Hence, it is wise and safe to resort to using non-poisonous baits like a hot pepper solution to get rid of disease-spreading deer mice. Make and apply the solution in all areas where these pests frequently visit.

Apply Essential Oils

Many people regard clove oil and peppermint oil as effective natural repellents for mice. The strong smell deters deer mice from getting into a kitchen and contaminating food items. Spray essential oils in cupboards, drawers, and entryways. Doing so will help you get rid of damage-causing mice and rodents quickly from your entire house.

Wrapping Up

To eliminate the risk of falling ill because of germs that deer mice carry and spread, you must correctly execute every key step mentioned above. Also, it is strongly advisable to invest in high-quality mice control services to keep destructive mice, rats, and rodents out of your kitchen.