What Is CRM and How to Use It to Build Your Real Estate Empire

Competition is fierce in the real estate business, and opportunities quickly come and go. This isn’t breaking news if you work in the real estate business. 

Having the best tools and technology will help you beat out the competition and get organized. Look no further than investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system if you’re looking for that edge.

These cloud software plans help you communicate and get more sales. The CRM market size is roughly $50 billion and is on pace to reach $80 billion.

So what is CRM, and how exactly can a real estate CRM help you? We’ll gladly explain in the tips below. 

Improve Your Customer Response and Interaction

First, what is customer relationship management? The art of the sale is as old as society, but this software breaks it down into useful categories and processes. 

Some areas of focus that CRMs cover include tracking customer information, using analytics to serve people better, and keeping up with each interaction. Having a digital dashboard to track it all will help you close real estate deals and leverage relationships.

CRMs also come equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like chatbots. A quality chatbot can create a 30% reduction in operational costs. This is the wave of the future and lets you communicate with your clients around the clock.

Improving your response time makes your customers feel cared for, which can also increase retention and satisfaction. 

Generate and Manage Your Leads

CRM platforms let you manage potential customers that haven’t committed yet. Your real estate business will live and die by your lead-generation campaigns. 

You and your sales reps will have better client information to use for phone, SMS, e-mail, or direct mail campaigns. The platform makes networking easier and will help you move with more accuracy and diligence. 

Automate Processes Whenever Possible

Automation is king when it comes to business today, and real estate is no different. Your platform will create reminders and automate tasks so that you don’t have to take time out of your day. 

This lowers your overhead and operational costs and allows you to become more productive each week. 

Handle Your Marketing Needs

Finally, CRMs will improve the way you market your real estate business. You’ll be able to create content calendars for your blog and video content and can come up with strategies for advertising campaigns. 

Put some solid social media strategies to use when pushing your real estate business. Your CRM can help you figure out the best times of day and frequency to post on Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets. 

Now you can do your due diligence when searching for the best CRM for real estate. There are several platforms available that you can put to use in your real estate business. 

Companies like Kiavi have a number of resources you can check out when you’re in the market for a CRM system. 

Incorporate a Real Estate CRM

The points above will help you maximize your use of a real estate CRM. Take the next steps and find the help of a company that can help you put it all together for you. 

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