Things to Include in Your Exterior Upgrades

When it comes to home improvement, the exterior often gets overlooked in favor of the interior spaces where we spend most of our time. Yet, the proverb “first impressions last” couldn’t ring more true for the impression your home’s exterior makes. As a homeowner, prioritizing the renovation and upgrade of your external space is a decision that not only enhances your daily living but can significantly boost the value of your home. 

But where do you start with such a monumental task? Here, we dive into three key areas of exterior upgrades that are prime for renovation. 

Simplify Your Renovation with One Contractor

Diving into exterior renovations can be overwhelming, especially if you need to coordinate multiple changes to achieve your desired look. This is where the expertise of a one-stop renovation company becomes invaluable. 

A renovation expert who can handle siding, rain gutters, soffit, and more, can help reduce the load on your shoulders as a homeowner; when one contractor is running the show, you spend less time worrying about multiple subcontractors, coordinating with vendors, and getting things done to your specifications.

A company like Burbach Exteriors, for example, has decades of experience in a range of renovation services, whether it’s installing new siding or brick, or adding stucco for texture. If you can find a company that works with you from the initial design process through to the final inspection after the project is complete, you’ll have a more seamless experience as well as increased curb appeal.

Upgrade the Siding on Your Home

Siding isn’t just about the colors; it’s about material longevity, weather resistance, and the environmental blend. Burbach goes beyond offering a stunning array of options; they provide insights into what works best for your home’s specific needs, whether it’s vinyl, fiber cement, or natural wood. The result is a facade change and an enhancement that guards your home.

Popular and Practical Siding Options

  • Brick and brick veneer
  • James Hardie (fiber cement) board
  • Stone and stone veneer
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl (composite)

These are some of the most durable and versatile materials available, allowing you to enjoy the colors and textures you want without sacrificing quality. Always be sure to research the best materials for your climate so you can get the most out of the product you choose.

Pay Attention to The Finishing Touches

Often overshadowed, soffit and fascia are critical in protecting your home against moisture and pests. Soffit and fascia are located under the eaves of your home, where the roof meets the siding. When installed properly and with the right materials, they give your roofline a polished look and deter birds and bugs from nesting overhead. 

Your designer can help ensure you’re picking colors and textures that complement your overall vision for your home, even if they’re somewhat hidden from street view like your eaves. 

The Fencing Factor: Curb Appeal and Beyond

One of the most significant transformations you can make to your exterior is through the installation of a well-built fence. Not only does it demarcate your property, but it also serves aesthetic and practical purposes, giving your home a newfound character and privacy. 

Strategic Fence Co in Colorado is one such expert at understanding the intricate dance between form and function, especially on challenging terrains. Always look for a reputable manufacturer and/or installer when considering upgrading your fence; it’s a big investment you should have done right the first time.

Aesthetics and Boundaries

Gone are the days when fences were merely utilitarian. Today, they are an extension of your home’s style. Ensure that the fence you choose is a perfect complement to your exterior and landscape features, from the material to the design, bringing cohesion to your property.

Privacy and Security

In an age of increasing privacy concerns, a fence is your frontline defender. With options ranging from traditional pickets to high-tech security fences, consider how automatic gates, security lighting, and materials can offer custom solutions that not only protect but also provide peace of mind.

Professional Installation for Prolonged Use

A fence is an investment that should last. Professional installation not only guarantees the structural integrity of your fence but also that it adheres to local regulations and terrain peculiarities, providing you with a serene outdoor space that stands the test of time. While you may feel you can DIY a fence, it might be worth having a pro tackle it if their work comes with a warranty or guarantee.

Revamping Your Home’s Entrances: Man and Garage Doors

Man and garage doors aren’t just passageways; they are integral parts of your home’s overall structure. Upgrading them isn’t merely about looks; it’s a critical home improvement that ensures your exterior is as functional as it is stylish. When it comes to installation and repairs, the expertise of a company like Mountain State Garage is what you need.

Did you know that a new garage door can have a return on investment of over 100%? That means you can get your money back (and then some!) for the value of the door when it’s time to sell your home. Plus, you get to enjoy the benefits of a quiet garage door that insulates your home while still adding to your home’s aesthetic. 

The Impact of New Doors on Curb Appeal

The front door is an anchor point for the eye, and a beautiful, well-maintained door can significantly revamp your home’s first impression. Whether you’re upgrading to traditional, modern, french country, or any other aesthetic, make the look complete with new exterior doors.

Functionality and Efficiency

New doors, whether they lead to your home or your garage, need to function smoothly. They should open and close with ease, provide security, and even contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Well-designed and installed doors should reduce drafts, block thermal heat in the summer, and retain interior heat in the winter. If your doors aren’t functioning like this for you, it’s time for an upgrade!

Value Addition Through Exterior Doors

Investing in quality exterior doors is a smart move. Not only do they enhance your home’s appearance, but they also contribute to its overall value. It may look like a small change, but it comes with a big impact, which is why opting for professional services is non-negotiable.

The Power of the Exterior

Your home’s exterior is a canvas waiting to be transformed, and the upgrades you pursue have the potential to completely redefine your living space. From the cohesive aesthetics offered by a one-stop renovation company to the boundary-defining impact of a well-built fence and the transformative allure of new exterior and garage doors, every alteration brings you closer to the ideal of “home.” 

Take the first step — or the next, if you’re already on the journey — and unlock the potential your exterior holds. The rewards are tangible, evident in the increased value, the enhanced curb appeal, and most importantly, the satisfaction of turning a house into a home that resonates with your essence.