Shaded To Perfection: The Industrial Pergola For Your Open Patio

A great way you can shade your open patio is by adding the panache and style of an industrial pergola. Okay, you’re thinking the industrial bit might not work too well in your backyard right? Well, guess what, let’s show you how you can make these type of pieces work. In fact, industrial pergolas for open patios are becoming way more popular than what most people often think. The pergola concept has been there for hundreds of years now, so we really can’t say it’s something new. 

At its core, the pergola, whether industrial or not, is basically the placement of vertical pillars in a row designed to support the additional cross-beams located at the top. Creating somewhat of a bridge between the open patio and a closed exterior, the industrial pergola can prove a beautiful extension of the contemporary home. 

What’s Setup Like?

A lot of folks out there will try and convince you that setting up your own industrial pergola is relatively easy and that all you’ll really need is basic metalwork and carpentry skills. However, sadly, this is not true. Not everyone has that gift and a majority will eventually need some assistance when building and setting up an industrial pergola for an open patio space. Fortunately, Patio Productions has pergola kits that come with all you’ll need to setup this structure by yourself. 

Yes, custom industrial pergolas that are built on-site can end up costing quite the chunk of change. However, if you feel you’re handy enough with common household equipment and tools, then getting your hands on a precisely-built industrial pergola kit can help you avoid having to break the bank. For the non-professional, kit construction will typically take around 7 to 13 hours or so, ideal for both a rewarding and fun weekend project, don’t you think? 

Free-Standing Or Attached 

Pergolas can be built as stand-alone structures, making them central feature structures in the open patio space you’re looking to cover. These are often directly anchored into your ground for stability. Other pergolas are built in a way where they attach to an existing structure or wall. Whichever style you like, or best suits your needs, Patio Productions has got you covered. 

Shade Your Patio Your Way

There are a lot of completely customizable pergola kits out there. With most Toja Grid kits, you get to pick your own end shape, post lengths, wood/metal type and whether the structure will be attached to the patio walls or whether it’ll standalone. Fiberglass posts are ideal for those looking for a modern, poolside aesthetic, while oak and cedar posts are for the classic patio look.   

The assembly instructions that come with most pergola kits are both easy to follow and incredibly straightforward. You really don’t have to be a maestro with the tools in order to shade your open patio with a good looking industrial pergola. With these kits, you can setup the structure anywhere you desire and you’ll have plenty of room to customize the whole patio setup. Shade that patio today.