Putting the Spotlight on Room Ambiance: Creating a Relaxing Space

Everyone needs a place to power down, relax, and find an escape from the world around them. Recent reports indicate the right lighting can reduce stress and improve your mood. Before you start a complete remodel of your family room, kitchen, or foyer, consider working with your lighting options to create the perfect room ambiance. 

In this article, we will explore the many ways lighting can change the entire aesthetic of a space. With a little planning, you can make quick, affordable changes to the ambiance of your home. A relaxing new place is easier than you think.

Plan the Right Room Ambiance

Start your plan by asking what kind of mood or aesthetic you want for the room you are targeting. If you are trying to create a place that is perfect for socializing, brighter lights with a cool color temperature are the way to go. For a room that is better suited for reading, relaxing, or seeking sensory relief, dimmer bulbs with a warmer color temperature are in order. 

If you benefit from windows in the room, you can take advantage of natural light to brighten your space. You can also use blinds, shades, or curtains to shut out the light when you need a moment of calm.

Creating ambiance can also be accomplished by adding accent lights in specific places in the room. Uplight an architectural aspect, use recessed lighting in a bookcase, or add LED lights to highlight special mementos or artworks. 

Here are some other ideas on how to create ambiance with lighting. Check out the many options for lighting any space on any budget.

Change Your Room Lighting With Your Voice

With the advent of smart bulbs and voice assistants on phones and smart speakers, changing the way your room looks is just a voice command away. With smart lighting, you use special bulbs that wirelessly connect to a control hub. Once installed, you can change the lighting to suit your mood.

For example, if you are ready to wind down with a book for the night, you can say commands like “Dim the lights in the living room,” and the system will lower your lamps’ brightness. You can schedule your lights to change color, temperature, brightness, and more. With some systems, you can set the lights to switch on when you arrive home and turn off when you leave. 

As Simple as Changing a Light Bulb

The right lighting can change the look and mood of any room. Transform a dim basement into a vibrant gathering space. Give your family room a warm and inviting aesthetic with nothing more than lamps or LED lights. 

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