Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Fitted Kitchens

Most people in the UK prefer renovating space before moving in. Their maximum focus remains on how to remodel the kitchen for long-term sustainability. According to the 2020 survey results by Statista, about 21% of the UK consumers bought furniture that included kitchen fittings and other utilities. 

To get details about how to upgrade the kitchen and renovate it in a fixed budget, you can also check online for “fitted kitchens near me.”

Many kitchen suppliers are available online, and they work on the offers as requested. But it is best to visit the stores in person to get a clear picture of how a fitted kitchen looks. 

Fitted kitchens come with assembled kitchen units, wherein the kitchen appliances are placed into a cabinet. The benefit of having a fitted kitchen is that it gives a rich and luxurious look to the kitchen spaces. But when looking for fitted kitchen suppliers, many people make mistakes; let’s check out those errors.

Not Consulting a Genuine Supplier

Most people search for suppliers online and contact only the ones listed on the top of the search engine pages. You have to reach all the suppliers to get detailed information on fitted kitchen supplies. Many may not know about branded products and sell only selected generic brands in kitchen products.

An experienced and reputable fitted kitchen supplier will provide you with numerous options on unique kitchen designs and styles. A local kitchen supplier will not offer information on high-end products and materials, such as granite platform, walnut cabinets, or marble flooring, etc. So, it is better to contact only a renowned fitted kitchen supplier.

Not Scrutinising the Quality

Many kitchen suppliers keep products of different qualities. Once you search online for “fitted kitchens near me,” you will be lured to contact all the top-ranked kitchen suppliers. The suppliers keep the cheap quality and high-end quality to meet the needs of all the customers who buy things according to their budget.

But it is crucial that you also check the quality of the products used in your kitchen fittings. Not all products are certified from the governing body, and you need to check for the appropriate certification. The British Contract Furnishing Association represents the furniture and furnishings industry in the UK.

Falling for Cheap Quotes

Who doesn’t like minimal costing? But if you are renovating your kitchen and do not wish to make frequent modifications, opt for the certified fitted kitchen supplier. You must visit the stores near you, check for the kitchen designs and furnishings, but never go for cheap products.

Cheap quotes mean cheap quality; because sturdy, elegant, and distinctive kitchen fittings will come with some cost. If you are looking for long-lasting products, then keep a good budget. You have to make up your mind; renovation will not come cheap. For quality remodelling and fitted kitchen design, you will have to loosen your pockets.

Not Reviewing the Feedback from Previous Customers

Online kitchen suppliers have forums where customers post reviews and feedback. You are also a customer who cannot check the authenticity of the feedback, but you will get an idea of how the supplier works. If possible, you must contact the previous customers and seek their suggestions.

Ask the past clients, how is the conduct of the supplier? How is the final finishing of their fitted kitchen? Are they satisfied with the service? How much time did they take to finish the renovation? And what were the quotes offered? 

If you could manage to get the details, half of your job will be done. You can then easily decide whether to finalise the supplier.