Key Factors to Consider When Hiring a Windows Installation Company

When hiring a window installation company, you want to ensure they will provide quality windows at an affordable price. But this isn’t something that can be taken for granted.

The best way to find out is to shop around with different contractors. You should ask each contractor the following questions: What are their licensing and insurance policies?


When choosing a windows installation company, look for one with a good reputation. You should be able to find reviews online or ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Also, be sure the company has the proper licensing and insurance coverage before hiring them.

A professional windows installation company will be able to provide you with references for their previous work and possibly have a showroom you can visit in person. You should also ensure the Windows installation company has employee training.

Window replacement is a time-consuming process that can take several days, and hiring a professional who knows how to install windows properly is essential. Additionally, a professional will know which windows are best for your climate. This can save you money and increase your home’s resale value.


In addition to the actual installation work, the contractor should be experienced in walking homeowners through the thought process of their project in terms of goals and objectives. This typically occurs during an in-person or virtual consultation.

Window replacements and installations are often complicated, especially for older homes. Using a less experienced team can lead to mistakes and reduced performance. These errors can cause drafts, higher utility bills, and voided warranties.

You can find out how much experience a company has by reading online reviews. You can also ask to see photos of previous projects. Many window contractors apprenticed with a more established company before starting their businesses. Consider this when comparing prices and selecting the right windows installation Fairfax VA for your home.


Choosing a company that offers a substantial warranty is essential. While most window replacement projects will not experience problems, a good warranty protects you should something go wrong. Make sure you understand the manufacturer and installation warranties that are offered. Many manufacturers only offer their warranty through a certified network of contractors.

During the consultation, checking whether the window installation company has proper certifications and insurance is essential. This will help you avoid future issues and legal complications.

You can also look for additional warranties, such as glass breakage coverage. This can save you money in the event of a disaster. Some companies even provide transferable warranties, which can benefit homeowners who plan on selling their homes. This is an excellent option for property flippers.


A window installation company should have insurance to cover liability in the event of an accident during a project. This is especially important for homeowners, who may be liable if the installer is uninsured and an accident occurs.

Many national window brands offer installation services to provide a one-stop shop for customers. These companies work with a network of contractors trained to install their products. Independent window installers will often have more extensive catalogs and can offer more customization options.

Since windows are typically transported to the work site in box trucks or flatbed trailers, a window installation company should have commercial auto and inland marine insurance. Commercial car covers damage to vehicles while hauling cargo, and inland marine covers the windows or doors if they are damaged in transit.

Customer Service

When you want windows replaced, you will need a contractor that offers good customer service. This will allow them to replace your windows quickly without compromising the quality of their work. They will also be able to tell you what timeline they expect to finish the project and inform you if any changes occur due to bad weather or other factors.

In addition to the above, look for a company that is responsive to your questions and concerns. You can move on to another window installer if they respond slowly. It is also essential to check the reviews on the company’s website and social media pages. A company with positive ratings that can answer your questions will likely provide excellent customer service.