Keep Little Ones Safe at Home

When you have one or more little ones at home, safety is a top priority as a parent.

With that in mind, are you doing all you can to keep them safe?

It only takes one serious accident to change their life and yours forever.

As such, make home safety a top priority in your lives.

What Are You Doing on Home Safety?

When it comes to home safety, here are some areas you should be focused in on:

1. Kitchen – It is not unheard of for accidents in the kitchen, including with young children. As a result, you want to be extra cautions in this part of your home. Be sure things like knives and other utensils are out of the reach of any young ones you have. Also keep glasses and china away from your child. Since many children tend to run around, be sure your floors are safe too. You do not want carpet that has any bumps in it or wet floors that can increase the odds of a slip and fall. Last, make sure any cleaning products are not under the sink where a child could more easily access them.

2. Bedroom – Given the amount of time your child will spend in his or her bedroom, make sure it is safe too. That means their bed is easy to get in and out of once they have moved on from the crib stage. You also want to make sure they do not stick their fingers in any electrical sockets, so have those covered. Also check on blind cords and curtains to make sure they can’t get caught in them.

3. Doors and windows – Another focal point should be doors and windows through the home. Are they both secure and void of potential dangers for your young one? One type of door you may well want to have in your home where appropriate would be bifold doors. Such doors are easy to operate for you when it comes to opening and closing in a matter of seconds. Along with great views so you can keep an eye on your child if outside playing, these doors provide security. When it comes to your windows, make sure they open and close in a manner that keeps your child safe and secure. Children love to explore, so windows throughout the home allow them to see what is going on outside.

4. Smoke alarms – It is also wise to have several smoke alarms throughout the home. You want to be alerted at the first sign of trouble. That is especially true when you and your children are asleep.

5. Weapons – If you have any weapons at home, it is imperative that they are kept in a secure location or locations. Make sure your child can’t access them for any reason. As they get older and take on responsibility, you can alert them to any such items. That is on how to use them and where they are if there is a security emergency and you are not home or need help.

In keeping the little ones safe at home, have you thought of everything?