How to Have a Stylish Apartment Even If You Don’t Have a Decorator’s Eye

Style is everything when it comes to living your best possible life. People want to have a style in all they do as they go about their day. This includes the spaces they can call home. 

Any apartment can be stylish, jazzy, and upscale. All you need to get a chic place to live is to follow a few tips that anyone can do with ease. You don’t need a decorator’s eye to get an elegant and inviting space that can be yours to savor and share with your friends and family. 

A few simple steps can take your place from drab to totally fabulous. Attention to all the details in each room in the apartment is crucial. Hire a decorator, work with a friend, add a few thoughtful touches, and watch your space come to vivid life. 

Starting Off 

One of the most fascinating and useful trends in recent years has the rise of cities where companies offer furnished apartments. These are spaces that are rented out to digital nomads in search of a home base, minimalists, and traveling professionals looking for a place to stay. One website, HelloLanding, lists stylishly furnished apartments in Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, and at least 55 other awesome cities. 

While these are a good place to start, bear in mind there are lots of ways you can add a personal touch of your own. An easy way is to bring in fabrics. Thick, rich fabrics in marvelous shades can be draped across a sofa. A large rug is a good thing to add to any flooring. If the apartment lacks light, you can bring it in with lots of scattered candles. Put them on top of large mirrors in corners that might otherwise feel dreary and depressing. 

Hiring a Professional 

Another great option is to hire a professional to help; decorators aren’t just for the rich and famous. Experts in the world of home décor can make any space shine. Working with a professional can pay off with a space that reflects your tastes and uses the apartment’s space to its best advantage. 

Look for decorators with a long history of success. Ask for access to their portfolio if you don’t see it online. A decorator with an understanding of regional conditions can help you create a space that ties into the area’s style. For example, residents of Florida often want apartments that show off the area’s colorful history and take advantage of the year-round warmth. A decorator can make it easier for you to appreciate the apartment’s terrace and offer a cool haven from the world. Tell them what you want but let them show new possibilities you haven’t seen before. 

Working With a Friend

Friends can also help you create a lovely and lively area with lots of amazing character. If you have friends with a style that you particularly admire, ask for their assistance. They’re often in touch with what’s going on in the style world right now. Many are happy to share their knowledge with you. You’ll often find a friend who can show you have they’ve transformed their own spaces in a deeply satisfying manner. You might see exactly how they’ve turned an ordinary bedroom into a place that brings you to another world the second you step inside. A friend can help you make similar choices. 

For example, they might recommend a certain in vogue but otherwise lesser-known fabric shop where you can pick out lots of stylish accessories. They can also help you decide what’s going to work with your current arrangements as well as how to make changes if you decide to redecorate. 

Trust Your Own Instincts 

Above all, it’s best to trust your own instincts. You know what works in your home and why. Think about how you dress for all sorts of situations. Chances are you have a wardrobe based on the best of contemporary fashion ideas. You probably have everything from dresses to shoes on hand. This can be translated into a look that works when it comes to your home. Think about an organic feel in the apartment’s rooms. Just as you find ways to show off your beautiful eyes, you can show off that engaging view. The trick to a fantastic home style is to remember this is your place to enjoy and use well.