How to Customize Ready-To-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets to Fit Your Unique Style

RTA cabinets come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. This allows you to find a look that fits your aesthetic while enhancing the ambiance of the kitchen space.

You will also want to choose high-quality cabinet materials that can withstand the bumps, dings, and spills common in a busy kitchen. Avoid lower-quality flimsy cabinets held together with glue or screws that may not last long.


If you are a budget-conscious DIYer, you can save money by choosing ready-to-assemble cabinets. However, you must know which ones to buy and how to install them properly to get the best results. To ensure that your cabinets are sturdy and beautiful, make sure that you choose good-quality materials and hardware.

You should also pay attention to the size of your cabinet boxes and doors. Ensure that they match each other so the lines don’t clash. For example, you should use narrow doors for the upper cabinets and wider ones for the bottom to create a unified look.

If you install RTA cabinets Austin in a brand-new kitchen, you might need design help to figure out the layout and ensure everything fits together. Some manufacturers and sellers provide this service for free, while others charge a fee. These services are similar to those provided with traditional cabinets. They may include drawings and steps or online video tutorials relevant to the specific models you are purchasing.


RTA cabinets offer many options to customize the color and style of your kitchen. They often come in natural wood finishes or can be painted to match your kitchen’s theme. Add special trim pieces to accent or enhance your cabinets’ design. From crown to rope, decorative moldings can add dimension and visual interest to your kitchen’s decor.

The quality of your cabinets will play a big role in how well they hold up to the bumps, dings, and spills of daily use. Look for higher-grade materials, such as solid-wood dovetail joints. Avoid lower-quality, mass-produced cabinets that use cheap cam locks and laminate veneers to cut costs.

Most manufacturers provide detailed assembly instructions that are homeowner-friendly. Some even have video tutorials to guide you. Some also provide touch-up and maintenance kits, markers or fillers, and cleaning and polishing products. Some of these are specific to the brand, so read them carefully.


RTA cabinets come in a variety of styles and designs. Popular options include the shaker style, which features a recessed panel door and square frame that showcases the beauty of wood and complements many kitchen themes. Other design options include raised panels, flat panels, and slab cabinets.

The assembly process is straightforward and requires basic tools. Most manufacturers provide step-by-step instructions and online videos that make it easy for homeowners to assemble their cabinet boxes. However, following the instructions carefully and taking your time is important. If you rush, you might jeopardize the integrity of your cabinets or miss a key step.

Once your kitchen cabinets Austin are assembled, you can add more touches to personalize their look and create a customized aesthetic. For example, you can use caulk to fill in gaps between cabinets and around edges or install decorative molding to complement your kitchen’s theme. Some manufacturers also offer product touch-ups and maintenance kits, which can help you keep your cabinets looking great for years.


If you plan on using RTA cabinets, pick out the right hardware for your design. Some hardware options include drawer guides, knobs, pulls, and hinges. You can find various cabinet hardware styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your style.

Another consideration when choosing RTA cabinets is the assembly process. Many of these cabinets come in enormous flat boxes and are shipped to you to assemble on-site. They typically don’t include additional hi-temp adhesives or furniture staples, which can lead to weaker joints.

While some manufacturers take great care in building quality RTA cabinets that compete with assembled and custom cabinets, others cut corners to reduce costs and offer a subpar product. For example, some use cam locks that can easily jam or furniture staples that are visible and unattractive. The best RTA cabinets will be constructed with dovetail joints, which are stronger and more durable.