How To Add Vintage Pieces to a Modern Space

Whether you are decorating your home on your own or working with an interior designer Santa Monica, you may want to add eclectic accents with vintage furniture or other retro décor.The good news about interior design is that no matter what style you want to achieve, antique pieces can blend seamlessly to add warmth and personality. These tips can show you how modern spaces may benefit from the thoughtful addition of vintage pieces.

Love It or Leave It

Interior designers Santa Barbara can advise you to find vintage accents that speak to you. Even if it is a family heirloom, an antique is not worth having in your home if you do not care for it. Browse antique shops or thrift stores to get a sense of what you like. For example, if ornate dark wood is not your thing, you may not want to use your great aunt’s dining room collection. Go for the warm honey tones of mid-century modern instead if that is what you prefer.

Make a Statement

Interior design is about more than carefully selected and placed furniture and decorative touches; it can also tell a story or create a mood. Consider how a vintage piece may define a room or demonstrate your personality. After all, antique furniture and accessories have a history; it’s up to you or your interior designer Pacific Palisades to see how that works for your space. For instance, an antique desk may set the tone for an otherwise modern office or study, or a gilded wall mirror may complete a simple powder room.

Mix and Match

The goal of adding accents to a space is to create texture and layers as well as to give your room character. What better way of achieving that goal than by using a few interesting vintage pieces? Even a large, carved piece of furniture can work in a small room or with a minimalistic style if it does not compete with anything else for attention. Another way to incorporate antiques is with carefully chosen decorative pieces, such as vases, lamps, picture frames, or mirrors. These items can flavor a space without overwhelming the modern feel.

Color It Fabulous

What gives antiques their signature charm? Usually, it is, in part at least, thanks to the patina these older pieces acquire over time. A gentle bit of wear is not a bad thing at all, as those signs of age and small imperfections are what gives vintage furnishings character and texture. Antique collectors would rather an item be in an imperfect condition rather than have it restored to like new, which may take away some of its value.

Trust Your Eye

Vintage furniture and accessories have another advantage over mass-produced items – quality workmanship. Often, wooden pieces stand out with hand-carved details or folk paintings may be one-of-a-kind. Blending in these details with the neutral tones and simple lines of modern style make a space more visually appealing.

Talk to your interior designer Santa Monica to see other examples of vintage pieces mixed with modern style. You may be inspired to update your room with an old-fashioned classic.