How Can Realtors Use Social Media Effectively

Real estate businesses aim to find a large audience of buyers at the right place, at the right time. And suppose you have been a social media user for a long time. In that case, it’s a no-brainer that social media plays a significant role in improving the discoverability of any kind of business. 

Due to the growth in social media users since the pandemic, business owners have significantly started relying on social media to build their brand personalities.

While the virtual platform dominated almost every industry, real estate was one of those which did see profits through social media marketing. 

In fact, as per a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, about 77% of realtors actively use social media for their businesses.

However, just being on social media will not ensure a successful story as a real estate agent. Being one of its kind, an industry like real estate requires you to be smart with your approach.

The Art and Science of Using Social Media Marketing for Real Estate 

It’s interesting to note that social media offers a multitude of buyers for realtors today. According to a report by Statista report, there are about 3.78 billion social media users globally.

By combining the power of social media marketing and the already available digital audience, a realtor’s job gets more focused and simplified. 

With a plethora of options like interest-based targeting on Facebook, Instagram stories, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, short and long format videos, visual content plays an important role in attracting people into this industry. Real estate video marketing has also been adopted widely because it is thriving on social platforms now.

How Can Realtors Use Social Media Effectively

Despite not having a large following, realtors can still leverage the power of social media to get more clients and improve their discoverability. 

So, how could it be done?

Here are some of the essential tips to use social media effectively for your real estate business:

1. Use the right social platforms

Different kinds of businesses thrive on different social platforms. You must choose the right mix of platforms to promote your real estate business. 

Highlight your requirements and just match your requirements with the platform’s features. Most of the realtors prefer using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn only to grow their business. 

With its group feature, Facebook offers easy access to a community that you will not find on other platforms. There are specific house hunting groups available on Facebook, where a realtor can find the target audience easily. With options like targeted advertising for local listings, ease of contacting clients on messenger, and easy media sharing, Facebook is one of the most preferred tools among realtors. The Facebook marketplace is another paid and useful feature on Facebook that can increase the discoverability of real estate. 

With a high degree of shareability, Instagram is another great place to market a brand and get it noticed by local hashtags and paid advertising.

LinkedIn also helps realtors create personal profiles. If you are running your own business, you can easily create a page for your business. Allowing you to network with real estate agents and connect with clients from different, LinkedIn is a great way to find new opportunities as a realtor. 

2. Create stunning visual content 

Social media has completely transformed how realtors connect with potential buyers and clients. Rather than visiting places in person, clients prefer seeing the properties virtually only, making it easier to pick the properties they find the most appealing.

Even though pictures should have been enough to satisfy the virtual search of potential clients, it merely does the job now.

With virtual tours and stunning detailed videos, realtors have innovated their content on social media to appeal to a larger audience and get quality clients.

Apart from tours, including video testimonials and using other forms of real estate video marketing can help build engagement with your social platform. 

Optimizing your content to serve any kind of buyer is a great idea since anybody (even your followers) can come up to you with a property requirement. 

3. Share stories of your past clients

Be it real estate or any other industry, success stories reflect your brand’s ability to deliver satisfaction and quality of services.

The competition among realtors to bag a client is fierce, and you need to do something that others aren’t doing.

The more you can prove you have had satisfied clients in the past. The more clients are going to trust your services.

Success stories build social proof about your brand and also help you gain more popularity in your community and grow your following.

4. It’s not just the property, but the locality as well

Every person looking for a property also wants to know the surroundings of the property, the good and bad side of the neighborhood, and the environment of the place they are considering.

It’s important not to just talk about the house you are selling. Talking about the locality is equally important. Plus, the more details you are giving them, the more filtered clients you will receive.

You can also educate prospective customers through tips on home buying through your social media. Responding to queries now and then helps you find better clients every time.

Giving adequate information to your potential buyers help them get a rich understanding of every place you are offering, making it easier for them to decide about choosing a property. 


Unlike other industries, realtors have to adopt a different kind of strategy to achieve the maximum potential from their social media.

The precise attention to detail and flawless service visualized through social media make a social media strategy effective for a realtor. 

With clients using social media as one of the first places to look for properties, optimizing your content to bridge this gap between yourself and them makes a lot of sense.