Home Ownership: Simple Steps to purchasing a Dream Home

Homeownership is one of the most critical milestones for individuals and families. It will probably remain one of the most valuable assets to have. With proper maintenance, real estate appreciates down the line. Although the prospect of purchasing a dream home is exciting, it can still be confusing for first-time buyers. Read on to know the steps of buying a house with movoto.com.

Are you ready to buy a Home?

Being realistic is critical when planning to buy a home. It helps in averting the risk of regrets in the future. Studies show that many people suffer due to poor decisions when financing their home. They find it burdening to pay high monthly installments on loans. So it is vital to find creative ways to finance a homeownership project. Other items, such as future repair and maintenance costs, increase the cost of the deal.

Renting a property is much cheaper than buying a home. On the other hand, owning a home is profitable in the long run since the occupant has full ownership of the property. When living in a specific place for close to five years, it is smart to invest in a domestic property. With the right income that allows you to finance the mortgage repayment, investing in real estate will give you good returns. Just like having a family, homeownership comes with its responsibilities.

As long as you have the need and can pay the price, you are ready to buy a home. Now, before you begin the adventurous journey of becoming a homeowner, it is vital to know the signs that you are ready. Here are a few things to consider;

  • Consistent income: financing the plan will require you to part with large sums of money. Having a stable income will make the payment attainable.
  • Market status: it is critical to get value for money by choosing a property that most likely appreciates. By being smart, it helps in getting a higher deal for the house in the future.
  • Stage in life: the best time to know if you are ready to own a home is at least a year after settling down with your spouse. It is part of creating a roadmap for the future.

Steps in the Ownership Process

Since you are looking to purchase a home, let us help you understand the process.

Have a Financial Plan

There is no gain without pain. Having a savings plan is the ideal way of planning for the financial obligations of owning a home. The first responsibility is to come up with the down payment. Apart from that, it is critical to have enough income to support your lifestyle and pay loan installments. A flawed financial plan will increase the burden of managing the property. You need to factor the direct and indirect costs after buying the house.

Below are some costs to factor;

  • Down payment: it is advisable to come up with 25% of the price as a down payment. The move helps in eliminating the need to take up insurance in case of default of the loan.
  • Agent fees and expenses: it costs money to have the best real estate agent at your disposal. Additional expenses accrue from moving from one property to another.
  • Administrative costs: consider taxes and fees to local authorities. Also, factor in fees that you will pay to a house inspector and advocate in the process.

Mortgaging against Cash 

Cash is an effective way to purchase a house for those who can afford it. On the other hand, mortgaging is an option for individuals with a stable income. Despite the opportunity for financing your dream of owning a home, it is vital to prepare the documentation early enough. It mostly involves an evaluation of financial records and to find out the creditworthiness of a potential homeowner.

With a bad plan, the investment might turn out to be a liability for the buyer. When mortgaging, negotiate for a forward contract to avoid the effect of changing interest rates. Entering into a long-term contract ensures that the repayment amount is lower than when the plan is short-term. Ensure that you are not using more than a quarter of your income to pay the loan.

Hire an agent

It isn’t easy to uncover the real gem in the industry without a real estate agent’s help. The professionals come in handle for the rest of the process. Engaging their expertise will make the process easier. Apart from the agent showing you the locality properties, they are essential during the negotiation process. Developing a good rapport with the personnel will give you an edge when looking to close the deal.

Finding an experienced agent makes the experience much better. Licensed agencies in the area are the ideal entities to consult. Be keen on the first impression as it tells you the kind of person you are dealing with. A track record of their performance will go a long way to choose the right real estate agent to use.

Start hunting for the Perfect Home 

Completing the initial steps that may be tasking makes it time to start searching for what you want. With the budget in mind, engage the agent to locate items on sale that fit your description. It is vital to have a checklist of the basic features of the house that you want. Below are tips to getting the best value;

  • Maintain the design of the house that you want. Do not compromise on the surroundings and amenities.
  • Undertake a home inspection specialist. It helps in determining the condition of the house.
  • Compare the prices and choose the most affordable option.

Come up with an Offer

Making an offer shows that you are serious about the homeownership plan. Enter into negotiations with the seller as you seek to get the best price. Ensure that you follow the right process in signing an agreement. Read the terms to understand what you are signing.


Do not start the homeownership process without consulting a professional in the industry. It helps in safeguarding your interest as a buyer.