Five Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space More Usable

Spending time outdoors is the best way of relaxing and gaining a sense of perspective. All of us know this and love to get outside in our gardens when weather permits, but it is surprising how few of us put in the time and effort to make the most of the outdoor space that we have access to.

There is an almost unlimited list of things that you can do to improve the utility of your garden or patio. All that is required is the will to put a plan into action and the imagination to create something that both looks unique and works to serve your needs.

In this article, we will take our readers through a few things that anybody can do to transform their home’s outdoor space into a place where people enjoy spending time. Read on to find out more!

1. Plants for Privacy

Many of us who live in urban areas often baulk at the prospect of spending too much time in our outside space because we do not like the thought of being observed by nosy neighbors. One way of both adding a touch of privacy and making your garden or patio feel greener is to add some vertical growing plants around the perimeter.

Plants like bamboo are perfect for blocking the view and making your outdoor space more private. Just make sure to cut it back once in a while to let some light in!

2. Mirrors

Unfortunately, most modern inner-city houses and apartments come with gardens that are claustrophobically small. This can be annoying, as nobody likes to feel like they are walled in when trying to enjoy some fresh air outside.

One smart way around the problem of size is to make clever use of mirrors. If you strategically hang chic garden mirrors around the garden or patio, they can work to create the illusion of a much more spacious outdoor area.

3. Artificial Grass

Many people are put off from installing a lawn in their garden or outdoor space by concerns about a lack of the sunlight needed to grow grass. There is nothing worse than laying strips of turf that cost an arm and a leg only to find that you cannot make it grow for love nor money.

One of the best ways of making an outdoor patio space or roof terrace a more pleasant place to spend time is to cover it with artificial grass. You do not need to worry about giving the surface light or adequate water to ensure that your space looks lush all year round.

4. Classy Garden Furniture

Ditch your cheap plastic garden chairs and tables immediately – they are a sure way to turn people off from the prospect of spending time outside.

It is worth investing in some slightly more expensive yet infinitely classier wrought iron or wicker gardenware to add an extra element of comfort. If you often host barbeques or do a lot of cooking outdoors in the summer, you may consider having some chic outdoor kitchen cabinets installed to give the garden a finishing touch.

5. An Outdoor Room

Most of us live in places where the weather makes it impossible to get out in the garden or on the patio for too long when it is not summer. But this should not disqualify us from making the most of our outdoor space!

A great way to enjoy your garden in all seasons is to build a private summerhouse or outbuilding. These constructions usually do not cost the earth and are designed to let as much light in as possible. They allow for an extra living space in the winter, and when the warmer weather arrives, they make for an airy outdoor space that you can use to relax in the shade – or even as a cocktail-mixing station!

Don’t forget — you can also use your outdoor space to host gatherings, watch the latest sporting events with your family and so much more.

If you have an outdoor space that you are not using as much as you would like, the tips above can help you to transform it into somewhere that people like spending time. With just a bit of imagination and inspiration, your garden or patio will soon be the envy of the whole street!