Five Essentials Every Kitchen Needs

Since the first house was ever constructed by man many thousands of years ago, the kitchen has provided the hub around which much of the lives of the inhabitants revolves. This is probably because the ritual of cooking and eating together as a family or group serves a deeply significant purpose for most of us. Indeed, if you look at most family houses, the majority of waking time is spent either eating at the kitchen table or sitting around it and chatting.

Because of the social importance of the kitchen, it makes sense to do your utmost to make it a pleasant and homely place to spend time. If you have just bought a house for the first time, you should prioritize getting the kitchen into a liveable area before you address other areas of the house. To do this, you will likely need to invest in some quality kitchen equipment to make things look and feel as they should.

In this article, we will take you through five essential things that no kitchen should be without. Read on to find out more!

1. Cafetiere

If you are like us, you will know that any morning is incomplete until you have had a coffee. For this reason, one of the first kitchen items that you should invest in as a new homeowner is a quality cafetiere.

One of the best brands of coffee-making equipment is undoubtedly Chemex. The Massachusetts- based company is known for its quality glass cafetieres that not only help to bring out the aroma of your favorite coffee beans but also look the part with their minimalist yet shapely designs.

Learning how to use a Chemex is so simple that even a baby could do it. However, if you would like any more info about Chemex’s unique brewing system and trademark pourover design, check out the helpful FAQ page on the company website.

2. Linens

Linens often go unnoticed in a kitchen, but without them, you would not be able to do half of the things that you need to. You can use paper towels and napkins for a lot, but in the end, they neither give the homely vibe that you are after or work out very economical for your purse.

It is worth splashing out a quality set of linens to really help you settle in and make the kitchen a place where people like to spend time. Look at getting your hands on some stylish napkins, kitchen towels, potholders and oven gloves that will last you for the foreseeable future.

3. Serveware

How far you push the boat out when it comes to serveware will depend on how much you entertain. If you regularly have people round to enjoy your cooking and society, having access to some chic cutlery and dinnerware can really add a finishing touch to a special night.

Look at sourcing some attractive plates, bowls and serving dishes that complement the overall style of your kitchen décor. Complement these with attractive serving spoons, wooden salad bowls and chopping boards and serving platters.

4. Cooking Tools

The difference between an enjoyable cooking experience and one which feels more like a stressful chore is often how prepared your kitchen is for cooking. Investing in a full set of kitchen equipment can help make the process of preparing a meal easier and less stressful

For the reasons above, we strongly advise you to go pay a little bit extra for some classy pots, pans, knives and utensils to make your life more straightforward.

5. Glassware

The finishing touch to your new kitchen should be some unique glassware. It simply will not do to celebrate the kitchen’s inauguration if you are forced to quaff an expensive bottle of wine from a regular glass.

Take a trip down to your local glassware merchant to see what they have in stock. You can usually find items here that add more of a personal touch that at a larger store.

Kitting out your kitchen with the items above should have it feeling like home in no time! We would love to hear how you get on with your design, so leave a comment below to describe your experience!