Does Building a Log Cabin From a Kit Have Red Tape?

Building a home is among one of the greatest and most satisfying achievements you’ll ever get to experience. Everyone dreams of owning a home – and many may go down the route of building their home or using a timber framed cabins kit, instead of buying one pre-built. However, there can be a lot of legalities and red tape that home builders can’t afford to ignore.

You’ll need several professionals to build a home, and legal paperwork will likely need to be handled by you. Luckily, however, there is no additional red tape when it comes to building a log cabin from a kit versus having a company building a home for you from scratch with other materials. Read on to see the different things that you’ll need to get in order to make sure your log cabin is legally on the up-and-up.

Get Your Licenses in Order

When it comes to building any home, homeowners will likely need to go through their state and get any and all construction permits and licenses that their state requires. This can be a lengthy process that may delay the building of your log cabin kit, but will ensure that you don’t hit any legal snags once construction begins.

If you work with a construction company to build your log cabin kit, they may be able to help with securing the proper permits. However, it’s ultimately up to you to ensure that everything is in order.

Researching Your Construction Company

This may not seem to be a legal issue at first, but working with a company that doesn’t have all their business licenses and permits in order can have serious ramifications down the line. Not only might the construction of your home be faulty if you’re working with an unlicensed business, but that may also mean that your house isn’t up to code, once construction has finished.

This can have serious ripple effects on both the safety of your home and your budget, so it’s important to do your homework beforehand on your preferred construction company.


Overall, there may be more legal red tape with building a home than future homeowners initially may expect. However, there aren’t any special rules or legal requirements with log cabin kit homes. So long as homeowners do their research beforehand and make it a point to get all of their licenses and permits in order before any construction has begun, assembling their log cabin kit home should be a smooth process.