7 Innovative Tools and Products for Your Construction Company

Innovation and technology in the construction industry are rapidly advancing. Construction companies are investing in innovative tools to supplement some tasks. These investments are quickly paying off.

US Chamber of Commerce reported that over 75% of construction companies invested in innovative tools had reported enhanced security, improved working schedules, and increased productivity.

Thanks to ongoing innovation, this is the best time to be in the construction industry. Innovation and technology continue to fast-track changes in this industry. These changes are accelerating advancements and development.

Below are seven essential innovative tools and products for your construction company.

1. AI-Enabled Tools for Construction Workflow

Optimizing your workflow is essential for the proper running of any project. Yet, it isn’t easy to have an optimized workflow due to the complex nature of the construction work.

Construction work is often manual and disconnected. This could lead to inefficiencies and loss of essential data.

To have a well-optimized workflow, you need good communication, transparency, and data storage. Artificial Intelligence-enabled tools in the construction industry are improving all three areas. This results in more profits due to improved productivity.

Using AI-powered software allows you to manage your project’s documents. These documents include submittals and spec books. The software can also help you read through a contract to confirm it’s compliant. This gives you peace of mind that nothing is left out.

Resources and workforce management are among the most significant problems construction companies face. Mismanagement has often led to losses. Effective managing of the workforce can help you:

  • Keep everything running smoothly
  • Avoid unforeseen expenses
  • Optimize your resources.
  • Increase efficiency

What better way to ensure workforce management than to use AI-based software? Today, construction companies are adapting software to improve efficiency and bring actionable analytics. You can use these platforms both remotely and on-site.

This software will help you get rid of the manual processes. They do this by offering solutions such as:

  • Mobile-first interfaces
  • Forecasting Tracking
  • Predictive tracking

The above solutions allow companies to manage their resources. The management of resources includes allocating them to the right projects.

In today’s volatile markets, companies must embrace workforce management solutions. Thanks to the economy’s unpredictability, construction firms must be efficient and precise in their operations.

2. Drones

Construction firms are quickly embracing drones. This is thanks to their wide application in all stages of a construction project.

Construction companies can use drones during ground surveys. Ground surveys are the leading cause of delays in a project. The drones can easily detect geological elements before construction begins.

To get additional data when surveying a construction site before the project starts you should combine:

  • Ground-penetrating radar
  • Light detection and ranging
  • GPS positioning

This will give you more data when surveying the construction site before a project starts. You can also use drones to access dangerous areas on a construction site. This has a significant impact on your workers’ safety.

Another real-time application of a drone is mapping out changes in the building as they happen. This helps you track and rectify any errors before it’s too late.

3. Digital Twins

Projects are full of inefficiencies and overlapping between operations and designs. This is mainly due to the construction industry’s decentralized nature.

A digital twin will provide you with a virtual representation of the physical aspects of your project. This includes all necessary data from design and operations to the construction work.

Digital twins can transform your construction work by connecting and integrating:

  • Designs
  • Plans
  • Geographical data
  • Engineering data

They can also analyze any new information and use it to improve your delivery. This helps you improve operations and add value to the project by quickly adapting to changes.

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4. Personal Protective Equipment

PPE have revolutionized the health and safety of construction workers in the last few decades. While this might not be technological innovation, it plays an essential role in a construction project.

Many countries have taken steps to introduce laws and regulations that hold employers responsible for employee safety. Companies are mandated to ensure every employee has the appropriate PPE depending on the health risks they’re exposed to at work.

Thanks to the introduction of these laws, the number of fatalities and on-the-job injuries has significantly reduced in the past few decades.

5. Robotics

People view robotics as a way of replacing the human workforce. But this is not true; robots are meant to supplement the human workforce and improve productivity. There are many companies using robotics to handle demanding tasks such as demolitions.

Adapting robotic technology will provide you with many advantages. These include:

  • Automating construction processes
  • Reducing construction workforce
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced human error
  • Improved quality of work
  • Accurate and precise bricklaying
  • Speeding up demolition

Employing robotic technology in your construction business could save you both money and time. It will allow you to reduce the time used to carry out specific construction processes. Working with robotics also removes human inconsistencies and errors.

6. Construction Mobile Applications

Today, you can easily access construction management tools on mobile applications and websites. 

It makes sense to use a mobile app to manage your construction needs. This is because most construction work is manual and done on-site.

Construction apps such as iNeoStyle, FingerCad, and PlanGrid allow you to do many tasks at once. These tasks include creating and sharing reports, making supervised notes, and recording workhours. Using a mobile app can also help you stay on top of the project and the budget.

7. AR Powered Apps

According to a review by MIT, taking advantage of AR technology is one of the best ways to improve efficiency. It also helps construction firms get long-term results.

Thanks to Apple’s ARKit and Android’s ARCore, contractors can easily incorporate AR technology into construction. This is done by using easily-available mobile apps that offer AR-based solutions.

You can use AR in machine training, underground construction, and designing buildings. The most significant advantage of these apps is that they allow for sharing of information among different devices.

Looking to the Future for More Innovative Tools

Are you wondering what’s next on the construction industry’s horizon? The industry’s future is bright. This is because new innovative tools will be invented to revolutionize construction work.

These innovations range from pollution-filtering tools to newly innovated kinetic flooring. Adapting the above seven tools in your business will make work easier for your team. It will also transform how you store data and communicate with your employees.

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