4 Tips To Design Your Home In A Retro Style

Retro home design is making a huge comeback and design styles from the 50s, 60s, and 70s are becoming increasingly popular once again. Mid Century modern style homes are practically mainstream right now, and furniture, art, and various other home decor of the same style can be pretty expensive because of their recent rise in popularity. If you want to give your home a retro upgrade and design it in this style, you may not know where to begin. Here are 4 tips to help you out. 

Shop Vintage

Although you can buy many different pieces for your home that were modeled after retro ones, nothing will look cooler than if you design your home with the real thing. Vintage pieces may take you a little longer to find, but they have way more character and sometimes you can get good deals shopping second hand. Try heading out of the city and into a smaller town or more rural area to go vintage shopping. You’ll find lower prices this way and shops won’t be as picked over. Garage sales are a great idea too! Try looking for signs early on Saturday mornings to get the first pick.

Don’t Forget The Exterior

You may spend so much time designing and decorating the interior of your home in a retro style that you forget the exterior needs to match! Lawn maintenance and professional lawn care will go a long way in making the outside of your home look just as manicured as a 50’s housewive’s home would’ve looked. There are also all kinds of outside decor you can add to give it just the look you’re going for so that people have a little taste of what kind of style to expect before you even open your door. 

Do Your Research

Looking at vintage interior design magazines to get ideas can be most helpful, but it can also be really fun and inspiring to look at old photos from family photo albums! Your grandmother’s interior design sense several decades ago may be very similar to the type of look you would like to achieve for your own home now. 

Remember Function And Comfort 

Sometimes when people get hyper-focused on achieving a specific look for their home, they forget that function and comfort are actually even more important than aesthetic! Make sure that everything in your home functions the way you want it to and is still a nice and comfortable place to live once you’re finished designing it.

A retro style home can be exciting to create, and the finished product can be a really lovely place to lay your head. Utilize the above tips to keep the experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible!