DIY Bar Build for the Perfect Entertaining Area

It is the dream of almost every man to have his own little corner in the family home where he can hang out with his buddies. Of course, the ultimate feature in any man cave is a fully functioning bar and TV screens to watch the game. The bar should be somewhere where a guy […]

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What Causes Mold in a House? A Simple Guide

Did you know mold in your home can cause health problems? If you want to learn about the causes of mold, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over what causes mold in a house. Want to learn more? Keep reading. High Humidity If you live in a spot where it’s humid, you could […]

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How to Transform Your Home for a New Season

Summertime is here. The days are longer, brighter, and full of exciting new opportunities. The cold season had you hunkered down in your home with layers and layers of clothing on.  Whereas summer calls you to pull up your shades, throw back your curtains, and embrace the sunshine streaming into your window. Changes in season […]

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Interior Design: Fantastic Ideas That Will Bring Your Home to Life

The world of interior design can seem daunting to the untrained homeowner. Many so-called experts will tell you that the principles that they purvey are gospel and that there is no other way. Nonetheless, like any other art form, what is considered tasteful and artistic in interior design is largely based on opinions. Read on […]