Lunch Soups


Serves 8-10  $45 / Serves 12-15 $60
Produce sourced from organic providers with local susatinability in mind.  Served with butter and house baked bread.

Chicken with Rice

Free range Chicken, Lundberg Family farm jasmine rice and a selection of season’s finest vegetables from organic providers.

Grassfed Beef Chili

Time honed recipie using grassfed beef, black beans, slowcooked sweet onions.

Cream of Tomato (vegetarian)

Using fresh tomatoes and Battenkill Valley Creamery (Hudson Valley) cream with a fresh mixture of herbs to provide a smooth flavorful blend.

Carrot Ginger   (vegan)

A sweet and tangy combination resulting in one of our more popular and requested creations.

Seasonal Vegetable (vegan)

Light broth with vegetables based on seasonal availability, rounded out with rotini to create a hearty, nourishing endeavour.

Gazpacho (vegan)

Chilled, spicy and citrusy with a tomato base, good for summertime events.