Beverage Options

Keg Service and Bottled Beer.

Seasonal availability of local small craft beers.

Please call for availability.

Fresh Pressed Juices.

Serves 8-10   $50   Serves 12-15   $70

John’s Brook:  Apple, Carrot and Ginger
Saint Regis: Apple, Lemon and Double Ginger
Tear of the Clouds: Beets, Parsley, Kale, Carrot and Apple.


Boylan’s Soda Cases:  $48

24 x 12oz bottles.

Mix and match case available!

Cane Cola  |  Diet cane Cola  |  Crème Soda | Seltzer Regular or Seltzer Lime


Bottled Water:  $25

24 bottles, from Addirondack spring.